Pain Free Testimonials

Thousands of satisfied customers have experienced relief from pain. Their instant improvement in strength and balance helps them perform simple daily tasks with greater ease. The EMF NEUTRALIZING BAND can help maintain the correct human body frequency.

Tim Keenan
Location: Charleston, SC

Tim Keenan, a professional downhill skier, and semi-pro basketball player who is now a local business owner in the Charleston, SC area started using the bracelet about three weeks ago. He has had 12 knee operations including a full knee replacement and an acute compartment syndrome to his right thigh. His response to the band:

I have been on a pain medication treatment for the past 5 years, since I started using the bracelet, I have discontinued that pain medication treatment and only use 2 Advil per day. All I can say is that it is great to be living with a lesser degree of pain and to finally be off prescription pain medication. As horse owners there is much to do each day and I am able to work our horses on a daily basis with less pain after. Thank you increasing the quality of my life.

Location: Nashville, TN

I’ve owned my band for a while now and it has worked wonders for me. I have fibromyalgia and I was in so much pain. Since I’ve been wearing my band the pain went from a 10 to a 3! I would definitely recommend this product to anyone suffering with everyday pain.

Location: Florida

How the bracelet has helped my father. My father had a stroke 10 years ago and since then he has had a black out every month. This is where he goes into a blank stare and has no idea where he is or even who he is. He does not speak or eat during this blackout. He would not even know how to open a door or turn on a light switch. This lasts for approximately 1 to 2 hours and he can not be left alone during this time. It is very worrisome and stressful for the person who is with him during his blackout. When the black out is completed he will sleep for 10 to 12 hours. He will then suffer from memory loss, for names or even when he is suppose to eat or if he did eat. At the beginning of February, I purchased for him he New Generation Balance Band which he wears faithfully everyday, and with no word of a lie here it is 2 months later and he has not suffered a blackout. He goes through the extreme memory loss for a day or two but no blackout. I can not explain how much of a relief this is to everyone involved with him. I am so grateful and am a true believer in the EMF Neutralizing Band. I tell everyone about it. My husband suffers from arthritis and says the band helps him, and he wears it everyday.

Location: Lakeland, FL

I no longer have to be careful on getting out of bed. I used to take my time getting up every morning. I get up and stand up straight the very minute I get up and walk without difficulty. Long time since I could do that.


We had an amazing testimonial this weekend. A Salvation Army Chaplain had his shoulder operated on 2 times in the past 10 years and his shoulder had been locked for many years. He could only raise his arm sideways as his shoulder would not move. I put a band on him around 10 am Sunday and he came back by us about 2 pm to show us he could move his arm over his head. The look on his face was disbelief and priceless and it brought tears to my eyes. What a magic disc.

Location: Greenville, SC

Thanks so much for the bracelets/bands you hooked me up with at the show in Greenville on Saturday. Since then the pain in my knees and my left foot is practically non existent. My wife's pain in her back, legs, and her neck is negligible. What kind of investment is required to become a distributor? Thanks again.

Kristy Brittingham
Location: Millsboro, DE

I can’t live without the band! When I don’t wear it, my pain returns to my body. I have a herniated disk and degenerative disk disease and I should be going through pain management, however, because I’m not in pain, there is no need! I attribute it to the band. I’ve been wearing it for approx 3 months. I noticed the difference the 4th day I had the band on. The price is reasonable too! I can’t thank you enough!

Location: TN

I bought two balance bands last week….one for myself and one for my son (who was diagnosed with Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis) and I have seen dramatic results for both of us. I really believe in this product, it really works.

Rocky Scheving
Location: USA

I purchased the band 4-wks ago and noticed my pain level greatly improved in the first 48 hrs. and was 95% pain free in 1-wk. I know a lot of people with the same or greater pain levels I had and decided to let them try my band to see if they received the same results. I was amazed to find out they had received the same pain relief I did. I was back in the same pain condition within 64 hrs. of taking the band off. I hope to have my band back soon. I can’t imagine being without a band from now on. Everyone I gave my band to has requested me to get them there own band.

Location: Windsor Ontario

Hi I bought a band while traveling, I have Lupus and usually my right knee swells and is painful when doing a lot of walking, after wearing the band that day of 9 hours of shopping I am happy to say there was no change in my knee , it didn’t swell up like a balloon and my balance was extremely good. Thank you, now I am telling everyone.