Pet Collar Attachments

Large Pet AttachmentNot only are our pets members of the family, the technology which has been so successful relieving pain, improving balance, strength, energy, and flexibility for so many people also works on your pets.

We have had great results with relief for animals suffering from pain in the joints and muscles. If your pet is having a difficult time climbing stairs, running, or just trying to sit and lay down due to pain, you must try our EMF NEUTRALIZING BAND pet collar attachment. Customers have reported tremendous improvement in their pets maneuverability within days of wearing a EMF NEUTRALIZING product. For correct sizing, the opening must be large enough to slide over the end of the pet collar. The brass disc must be in contact with your pet's coat to be effective.

The pet collar attachment is made of webbing that will not rot or mold, so it is OK for your outdoor pets to swim in ponds and play in the rain as they normally do.

As with all our products, the pet collar comes with a 100% satisfaction money back guarantee.

Veterinarians interested in trying our pet collars on their patients should contact us.

Pet Slide Sizes

Pet DiscSince the pet slides fit on to your dog or cat's existing collar, the opening must be large ennough to fit over the buckle or the smallest end of your pet collar. If your pet has several collars, you may switch it from collar to collar, in only a few seconds. Dogs and and cats usally meed only one disc.

For horses, we suggest one disc for each 200 lbs. and fraction over. These are attached to the bridle and normally the medium size is a good fit.

Sizing of the pet collar attachments:

  • Small 3/4 inch opening
  • Medium: 1 1/4 inch opening
  • Large: 2 1/8 inch opening