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Neoprene bands are designed to wear 24/7. You may wear them in the tub/shower, swimming, washing dishes, etc. The metal is stainless steel so it will not turn to rust. The 2 discs are attached to the back so they are next to yur skin. Wear it tight or loose enough to be comfortable. You should see significant pain relief, increased strength, increased energy, balance, and better flexibility. Remember: We always feel worse when we get up in the morning, because we have not been moving about for hours. By wearing it during sleep, EMF Neutralizing Band is working while you rest.

Neoprene bands are available in regular length that fits up to 7 1/2 inch wrist and long length that fits up to 8 1/2 inch wrists.


N1-N2               N3-N4

N5-N6                 N7-N8

Neoprene Bands